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Walrus Hunts Iqaluit Nunavut 2017

COST $10.000.00 per walrus

Have you ever thought about coming to Iqaluit to hunt walrus in the capital of Nunavut!!!!! Well this is the place to be we have all the major attractions anyone would want.

When Walrus are seen or spotted, they are stalked upon while resting on ice pans or small rocky islands. Shooting ranges are usually under 50 meters (recommended 303 or bigger caliber). A brain shot or neck shot for an instant kill is a must. The success rate in Iqaluit is 100% (just a mater of picking the one you want. There are several hotels to choose from in the Capital. This is a great time of year to be hunting in Iqaluit, nearly 24 hour day light, char fishing, ice bergs and wildlife awaits you. 

Hunting Dates are from August to October 2017!!!!!! Book now to reserve your spot!!!! Polar Outfitting offers a special discounted rates from all major City's (Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Edmonton) call for the special promo code with First Air, Canadian North and Calm Air up to 60% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The trip includes the Following:
- Guides, motorized boat and gas.
- 6 day package, plus 2 extra days for bad weather.
- All meals while hunting.
- char fishing 10 fish per day (licence included)

- Head mounts or tusk extractions.
- Marine Mammal Export Permit from the Nunavut government.

Not included:
- All travel arrangements to Iqaluit, Nunavut
- Hotel stay in the Iqaluit and meals. 
- Licenses and government trophy fees; gratuities to guides. 
- Canadian Firearms Import License fees.
- Taxidermy fees.   
- The 5% Canadian Goods & Services Sales Tax (GST) has to be added to each hunt

Seal Hunts can be added to each hunt up to 2 seals per hunter it can be a bearded seal, harp seal or a ring seal

- $300.00 per seal up to 2 seals.

It is illegal to import walrus and seal parts into the United States or Mexico. It may be illegal to import walrus or seals to your country it is your responsibility to check the laws.

Thank you for choosing Polar Outfitting!!!!!!!!!